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Uniform Overview

The College uniform identifies students as a member of pro. Neat and tidy, correct uniform should be worn each day. If uniform is not worn correctly or on correct days, relevant consequences will apply, which may include the student being sent home.

College uniform should be worn in this way when in the public forum including shopping centres and transport. Students who do not wear the correct uniform to or from school will be placed on Afternoon Reflection.

Where a student is wearing the incorrect uniform to school:

  1. Parents/guardians are reminded that a written explanation is required if their child is not in correct uniform.
  2. These notes should be addressed to the Year Level Coordinator and handed in by the student prior to the commencement of school.
  3. Acceptable instances will result in a uniform pass being issued.

Requests from parents/guardians to have their child exempt from wearing correct uniform for longer than one week will be referred to the Year Level Coordinator for consideration.

Year Level Coordinators are responsible for the day to day interpretation and administration of the rules relating to uniform. Application for modifications to uniform can be made to the College and determinations are made on a case by case basis.


  • Students completely changing for work and/or non College activities after school need to bring a note from parents/guardian and will receive a uniform pass.
  • Students are to wear Day uniform to Block and External exams, regardless of the day the exam is being held, unless a specific uniform is required for the type of exam being undertaken. E.g. PE/Dance/Hospitality/Trade uniform for practical assessment. Consequences will apply if appropriate uniform is not worn.
  • Sports jackets and Senior Jerseys are only to be worn with sports uniform, unless in the case of the jersey, special mandated days are permitted.
  • Students leaving or arriving on campus in sports or specialist uniform without a uniform pass or on designated days, may be requested to provide an authorised reason. If no appropriate reason is provided, the name of this student should be provided to the relevant Year Level Coordinator to issue an Afternoon Reflection.
  • Skirts and dress length must be BELOW the knee. Sports shorts to be below fingertip length, when arms are straight by the side of the body.

PE/Sport/Specialist Uniform

  • Sports Uniform is only permitted to be worn on sport days (e.g. Wednesday: Year 7 and 8 (Rothwell), Year 10, 11 and 12 (Caboolture) and Thursday: Year 9 and 10 (Rothwell), Year 7, 8 and 9 (Caboolture)).
  • House shirts must be worn for Interhouse Carnivals (e.g. Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics).
  • Sport uniform (diamond shirt) or house shirt is to be worn for PE lessons.
  • At times, sport uniform (diamond shirt) is worn on excursions as the activity permits. The decision regarding sport uniform on excursions is the responsibility of the Head of Department.
  • On non-sport days, students must wear Day Uniform when travelling to and from school, except if students ride their bike.
  • Sports uniform can be worn by students riding their bike to and from school. Students must change into their Day Uniform when they arrive on campus, unless they have PE on this day.
  • For PE or specialist classes, students must change into the relevant uniform when they arrive to school or at lunch, which ever is the nearest, then change back into Day Uniform to leave school.
  • Sport/Specialist uniform cannot be worn all day when the activity (training, practicing, playing an official game etc) is AFTER school. Students need to change into Sport/Specialist uniform straight after school. This includes swimmers who remain on campus for training.
  • All students are to wear the College hat when playing on the oval, at recess or lunch and when involved in compulsory activities in the sun, except when a cap is more appropriate (e.g. for PE classes). 

Trades Skills Uniform 

  • Trades Skills Uniform can be worn through the day, including travel to and from the College if students have Trades Skills Centre for 2 lessons or more during the day.
  • Trades Skills shirts must be tucked in and uniforms include a belt.
  • Trade boots with navy blue or black socks are to be worn. 
  • During cooler months, the brown jumper or specific navy blue coat can be worn. Jerseys, sports jackets or blazers are not to be worn with the Trades Skills Uniform due to safety reasons. 

Grooming Requirements 

When wearing College uniform, all aspects of student appearance should reflect and respect school pride.  


  • Hairstyles are to be clean, neat and conservative, with natural looking hair colour 
  • Hairstyles should leave the face clear from below the eyebrows and sit off the collar 
  • Hairstyles longer than collar length must be tied back with accessories in plain brown, gold, yellow, black or white 
  • Hairstyles should allow for the wearing of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted. These include but are not restricted to severe undercuts, less than ‘3’ blade cuts, mullets and untamed hairstyles. 
  • Faces must be clean shaven.


Jewellery permitted with Grace College uniform: 

  • a plain watch 
  • a thin chain (no thicker than 3mm) with or without a simple cross 
  • one earring in each ear in plain single sleepers  (no larger than 14mm inside diameter) or plain stud  (no larger than 3mm in diameter) in gold or silver a medical ID necklace or medical ID bracelet discreet, clear plastic insertions in ear piercings or coverings on ear piercings

Not Permitted

  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Anklets
  • Makeup
  • False nails
  • Visible nail polish 
  • Visible tattoos
  • False eyelashes and extensions
  • Unnatural eyebrow shaping, dyes or tattooing
  • No visible piercings such as lip, nose, tongue and eyebrow rings, spacers or bars

*for students new to the College

There is a subtle change to the blazer with the gold stripe on the pockets not required. Blazers are compulsory from Year 10 onwards (for formal occasions and as needed i.e. additional layer for warmth, student’s choice). There are no changes to both girls' and boy's hats. The boys' ties will be required to be worn in certain months of the year, designated by the Head of Campus, with permission to remove their ties during active recess/lunch activities or when announced by the Head of Campus for a higher temperature day.