Head of College's Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to explore pro. pro is a Christian School owned and operated by the Lutheran Church of Australia.

pro is a co-educational Secondary School that has been serving the Moreton Bay Region since 1978. Grace has been a dual campus College with Campuses in Rothwell and Caboolture. Both campuses of pro are closely supported by the three Lutheran Primary Schools in the Moreton Bay region, Grace Lutheran Primary at Clontarf, Living Faith Primary in Murrumba Downs and Saint Pauls Lutheran Primary in Caboolture.

In the tradition of Lutheran Education, pro aims to develop its students to their highest potential while at school, utilising their God given gifts and talents. As a community we expect students, with support from their families and the College to: Grow in their understanding of themselves, others and the world in general; to commit themselves to all tasks giving the best of their ability (Grit); and to always honour and accept others (Grace).

At each campus pro provides the broadest educational offerings that it can, with the aim of catering for a broad range of learning interests and abilities.

pro has a team of highly professional, experienced, dedicated, and most of all, caring staff. Capable and caring staff are essential to engaging students. Strong learning and teaching relationships create an environment which is highly likely to enable students to achieve their potential in whatever subjects or areas of study they are pursuing.

As you consider pro for your student, I can assure you of pro’s strong support and openness. Please explore our website further.  pro continues to build on its forty plus years service to the Moreton Bay region, always exploring educational initiatives that will benefit the Grace and wider communities.

Mr David Radke
Head of College

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