An interview with our 2021 Rothwell Captains

News - Aug 02, 2021

On August 19, the Grace Chapel rang in celebration of the election of our new 2021 Captains. With the days of 2020 ticking away, we caught up with the incoming School Captains to learn a little more about them, their aspirations, influences and goals for Grace in 2021.

So, what inspired you to run for the Captainship?

Zander: I have always been one to take up a challenge when I see one, and being next year’s School Captain will certainly see its challenges. While it will have its challenges, it is going to be a fantastic opportunity to not only build on my own leadership skills, but the skills of others too. I have had a decent amount of experience in leadership positions and becoming School Captain has been a culmination of all my previous roles which have all lead me to this point.

Tom: I loved the opportunity the role would possess and that I love connecting with people and I thought I could do that well through the role. Also enjoyed the ideas of the responsibility and being a role model for younger students.

Harper: I was interested in being School Captain as I wanted to be able to work with the other students at Grace and create an environment they wanted to be actively apart of. 

What do you want to accomplish while in the role? 

Tom: As long as I am someone that people look up to and feel like they can approach me comfortably, then I think I have done my job properly. Everyone is equal regardless of badges and whatnot so I would like to create an environment where we can be easily approached by anyone at Grace.

Harper: A goal I wish to accomplish while in the role of School Captain is to get to know my peers on a better level, as well as getting to know the younger grades and allow them to get to know me. 

Olivia: My biggest goal as School Captain is to strengthen the school spirit and pride at GLC as well as create a sense of cohesion between all grade levels. School pride is incredibly important to me and I believe that being in this role allows me to create a school environment which students look forward to being a part of. 

What traits do you believe are most important to leadership, and why? 

Olivia: I think that it is most important as a leader, especially in the school context, to always be approachable because as a School Captain and a senior student, I believe that I am a role model for younger students. I also believe that a good leader has influence over the group which they lead, not authority and should always lead with the goal of making a difference.

Harper: I believe the most important trait to leadership is to listen to the people around you and take it all in. I believe a leader should do their very best to bring the visions and desires of the people around them as true as possible as well as encouraging them to accomplish their dreams.

Tom: Responsibility is a big one as younger students will follow your lead so you must be the example setter. Another trait very important to leadership would be being approachable because a leader that is intimidating will not have the same connection to the people they are leading. 

What ‘job’ (as a School Captain) are you most excited to undertake in 2021? 

Harper: In 2021, I am most excited to be part of assemblies. While assemblies can be boring, they also allow for the ability to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of our fellow students. I am looking forward to being able to celebrate these students. 

Zander: As a 2021 Captain, I am going to have so many opportunities open to me. As long as all goes well with the pandemic situation, I look forward to planning and attending exciting school events for next year. Working with our cohort, we will get to have a good say in what sort of activities we want to participate in, and I think that’s really exciting for not only us captains, but our whole grade.

Olivia: I am most excited to have the opportunity to represent GLC at outside events such as ANZAC Day services and other important events. This is a great opportunity for me to represent a school that I am very proud and grateful to have been able to attend as well as advocate for the student body which I represent. 

How have you been inspired by previous School Captains? What did they teach you?

Tom: To be a unit. As there are 4 equal captains, we should be a team, a unit and build friendships within this group to maximise the fun and enjoyment made in this environment and to also provide joy for the other students as a group effort.

Harper: Inspiration I can draw from previous captains is that friendship with your fellow captains is one of the most important things when being a captain. This way, you know you have people you can turn to and trust with the things that go on behind the scenes of being captains. 

Zander: All the captains that I have been at the school to witness have done a really excellent job and I am looking to maintain the standard that they have upheld of a pro Captain. Not until speaking to the current captains recently have I realised all of the effort that goes on behind the scenes, that people only see the finished product of. That is what I have learned from previous captains, that the hard work that most will never see is really worth it for so many people.

How do you hope to be remembered by your fellow students? 

Olivia: I hope that I can leave a legacy of being a kind, approachable student who was able to voice the opinions of the student body, as well as treat all staff and students with the upmost respect. I would hope that I would be remembered for working hard with my studies, as well as being seen as a good leader in my final year at school. 

Zander: When I finish school next year, I want to be remembered as someone who could be relied on to always get the job done. Someone who would always do the work, no matter how big or small. I try to live this way in all parts of my life, not just as a leader. If it comes to exams and assignments, I want to leave no room for regret and I want to complete that assessment, knowing I gave my all. That is how I want to be remembered; the person who got things done.

Tom: I hope to be remembered as a relatable person who is a genuine person but also works hard towards their passions. I would like to be remembered as a great captain and good leader of the College and I hope that whatever I leave behind will inspire the younger students at the College. 

Now the big question, what are you plans for after graduation?

Olivia: I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do after year 12, but at the moment I’m looking at something in health care, particularly physiotherapy or occupational therapy. Whatever I end up doing, I know that I want to work in a rewarding field such as rehabilitating patients from injuries.

Tom: Ultimately, I would love to make it to professional AFL and play for whoever wants me (although, I would prefer not Collingwood). Playing at Brisbane would be ideal, but I’d go wherever. Plan B however isn’t set in stone but rather just the generalisation of somewhere in the sporting industry such as physio or sports psychologist etc. 

Zander: Once I graduate, I plan on attending University, hopefully The University of Queensland, and study a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. I want to work for my dad for a bit, who is also a Civil Engineer, and then eventually build my own thing once I have the experience to do so.

Finally, what is something your fellow students might not know about you?

Tom: I play for the Brisbane Lions Academy in AFL and I’m eligible to be drafted to a professional team in 2022. I’m also a distant relative of Bear Grylls and it may not seem believable but it’s 100% proven and there’s proof for that as well. His parents were at the family reunion.

Olivia: I train CrossFit almost every day and over the past 3 years, have had the opportunity to compete in team and partner competitions. I love the sport because it is a great stress relief during peak assessment time at school, and it has given me the opportunity to be a part of a family orientated community of like-minded people that are trying to be the best version of themselves. 

Zander: Until people heard my speech, most were probably unaware that I am a pilot. I have been training up in a little plane for over two years now, and I aiming to complete my Private Pilot’s License by the time I turn 17 at the end of the year. I still have a bit of work to do before that point, but I just love being able to travel the land from up in the air and see so much more than you would from the ground. I am only at the beginning and plan on making many amazing trips once I am able to.

Congratulations to our new leaders for 2021! We cannot think of a better team to lead us through the new year. We look forward to all you will accomplish through the terms of 2021.

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